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About us

The (your site name) Portal was developed to provide a one stop information and resource site for everyone interested in (your subject).

To this end, we endeavour to provide the following: -
  • All the latest news and developments in the (your subject) world.

  • Regular Articles, Reviews and Features about all aspects of (your subject).

  • A Community on the web where you can meet other people interested in (your subject).

  • A Directory of every other good website on the internet related to (your subject).
Plus, we have also added a comprehensive ‘Portal service', offering you a full web search and other detailed information, news and resources on most of the more mainstream topics you might want to know about; Sport, Finance, Business, Travel, Health, the Internet, …… it’s all there in our ‘Portalscene’ Channel ..... and lots, lots more.

Our aim is to become your favourite site on the web. Somewhere you might want to both start and finish your journey each time you explore the web.

We hope you enjoy your visit today. And do come back regularly to make use of all the facilities on our site and to see what’s new.

Many thanks for your support. Come back soon.

If you have anything to say about the (your site name) Portal, or you have any information about (your subject) you’d like to share with other Community Members, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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